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Our Service Partners

This is a list of various organisations that are recipients of donations from our retail partners. We are constantly looking to expand and help more organizations. Thank you to all our service partners for trusting us and working with us. 

Panti Asuhan Dorkas
Panti Asuhan Elsafan
Panti Asuhan Kasih Mulia Sejati
Yayasan Atmabrata 
Sekolah Sanggar S.A.J.A 
Panti Asuhan Karena Kasih 
Panti Asuhan Agape
Yayasan Abhimata Mitrasamaya 
Yayasan PNIEL
Panti Asuhan Putra Setia 
Panti Asuhan Muslimin
Panti Asuhan Pa Van der Steur
Panti Asuhan Hati Suci
Yayasan Kasih Mandiri Bersinar 
Panti Asuhan Tunas Bangsa

Panti Asuhan Sosial Nusantara Foundation
Panti Yatim Indonesia
Yayasan Amal Mulia Indonesia
Yayasan Panti Asuhan Kampung Melayu
Panti Asuhan Tebet
Yayasan Murni Jaya
Panti Asuhan Tanjung Barat
Panti Asuhan Al Huda 
Asrama Yatim Mizan Amanah
Yayasan Al Amanah Nusantara
Yayasan Mahkota Kasih Insani 
Panti Asuhan Yaki"in
Yayasan Sekar 
yayasan Rasulullah SAW
Mizan amanah cbg. kesehatan 

Panti Asuhan Abigail 
Panti Asuhan Pintu Elok 
Yayasan Sayap Ibu 
Panti Asuhan Al Anwar 
Panti Asuhan Putra Nusa (Putra)
Panti Asuhan Putra Nusa (Putri)
yayasan Bina Matahari Bangsa 
Rumah Singgah Kasih Ampera 
yayasan Laskar Langit 
Yayasan Ikrar Bina Nusantara (YAIBNU)
Mizan Amanah cab. Pejompongan 
Panti Asuhan Griya Asih 
Panti Asuhan Hati Bangsa 
Panti Asuhan Aisyiah Kemayoran 
yayasan bima az-zahra 

Interest Form

If you know any organization that can benefit from our services, feel free to give us their information and we can reach out.

Please give us the contact details of the person responsible for managing the the service outlet

Thanks for submitting!

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